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Scott Galloway Speaking

Please email to enquire about booking Scott Galloway to speak at your event. Professor Galloway does not have an exclusive relationship with any speaking bureaus. Potential clients are encouraged to reach out directly. Topics include Big Tech, The Algebra of Happiness, Predictions, WeWork, Streaming Wars, and more.


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Keynote Topics

Post Corona - In this session, Prof Galloway revisits his 2020 predictions through the lens of Corona and looks at implications of the virus on society, the markets, and business. This presentation unpacks how industries including media, retail, tech, healthcare, and education will be impacted by COVID-19, and what will remain after the dust from this crisis as has settled.

Twenty - Scott Galloway’s annual provocative predictions for the year ahead. In this session, Professor Galloway will take a look back at what he got right/wrong in 2019 and introduce a series of new predictions for 2020. Professor Galloway’s predictions include but are not limited to the themes of big tech, industry disruption, retail, streaming wars, and more.

Dog Days - In this session, Scott Galloway provides a No Mercy / No Malice perspective on the biggest trends, strategies, and innovations that separate winners and losers in today's digital economy. From the dominance and behaviors of Amazon and Facebook, to network effects and recurring revenue, Scott will highlight which winners & losers have emerged, what you can learn from them, and how they will impact the future of business.

The Algebra of Happiness - What’s the formula for a life well-lived? Scott Galloway has spent the greater half of his career trying to find out. Melding personal experiences with research from the fields of finance, psychology, and anthropology, Professor Galloway created the Algebra of Happiness. This session will give you Scott’s cheat sheet to squeezing the juice out of life. This talk is based on the viral YouTube video here -

Streaming Wars - In this session, Professor Scott Galloway provides a No Mercy / No Malice perspective on the biggest trends, strategies, and innovations in the video and content streaming industry today. From the streaming landscape to shifts in OTT video and increasing competition in audio, Scott will highlight which winners & losers have emerged and what you can learn from them.

WeWTF - In less than two months, WeWork lost $40 billion in value. What happened, and what can you learn from the company? In this session, Scott Galloway will provide his no-bullshit analysis of how WeWork built their business, the red flags he identified, their demise, and a potential path forward for the company. Attendees will leave with key lessons and strategies to apply at your their work.